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The SHOT Show

As many of you know, last week I attended the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Let me start off by saying WOW. There was crap of all shapes, sizes, origins, and uses. Chinese crap disguised as American crap, American crap disguised as German crap, German crap disguised as Italian crap, Italian crap disguised as Jap crap, and every other creed of crap known to man scattered and piled as far as the eye could see (as long as you were only looking at the insides of the Sands Expo Center). Add the fact that this place was the most confusing place that I have ever set foot in (I was literally lost, turned around, or otherwise directionally confounded 98% of the time I was there) and you had one of the coolest, most informative and frankly dazzling conventions I have ever had the pleasure of getting hopelessly ill at.

They even had food. Talk about CRAP! Luckily it was only 28 bucks for 2 gas station roast beef sandwiches from last week and 2 waters. What a deal!

And there were people. Oh were there people… 64,000 to be relatively exact. This was the second largest attendance in the history of the show. (Ok… I was impressed)

But getting down to business, crap was not all that was there. Polymer was king at this show as far as I could tell. ARs are the new go to for what seems to be every manufacturer known to man, and those pesky little dudes have morphed into just about every shape and size conceivable. The optics giants put on quite a showing, even though I didn’t pay very much attention to them since Vortex is my new mistress in that department, and I don’t like to cheat on my best girl. Mauser is back on the commercial market, making what looked to be very well built rifles for not a huge outlay of the green stuff. Magpul has finally released their Glock and AK magazines which looked very promising, but only range time will tell for sure. (Im sure those guys have already tried their best to break them, but one can never be too sure) Kalishnikov USA was unveiled as a reality, bringing back the high quality Saiga platform that many thought had gone away for good. On the AK subject, Geissele Triggers has introduced a new trigger for the 3rd world battle rifle. Unfortunately, with the addition of this new trigger, Magpul mags, the fact that they are now going to be built here in America, and the seemingly AResque variety of aftermarket tinker toy add ons and useless hanger-offers available, the AK is quickly becoming a more “First World” poodle shooter. Add the frankly kick-ass AR magwell addition offered by my buddy Chase at Definitive Arms and you have a rifle fit for a rich guy. Now that my AK rant is over, back to the show.

As one would expect, celebrities were everywhere. We got to watch a very nice presentation by Jim Shockey on the effects of commercial hunting in Africa and other 3rd world countries. Talk about enlightening. I learned that he decides to go on hunts without telling his wife too! Steven Segal was running through the show at mock seagull, dodging fans and non-fans alike. I was too busy looking at the new Perazzis to care too much about him, but Dave did eventually catch up and got a video selfie with the Michigan native. Chris from Red Jacket and his entourage were spotted and may I say he is looking extra douchey these days. Dave ran into Mat Best (MBest11x) from Article 15 Clothing and got to do impromptu Jame’O shots with him and the crew. The crowning meeting though had to be meeting Marcus Luttrell. Talk about a fine human. Of all the people that I saw being all cool guy tacti-retard, he was not participating in the douchbaggery. (read as the only Dude there) Sir, it was a pleasure.

In summary, this place was completely off the hook. There are honestly too many new, cool, innovative, and amazing products to list them all here, and Im afraid that if I tried, I would miss more than I would cover. Just suffice to say there is a lot of really neat crap coming out this year.