Little Shop. Big Capabilities.

We crammed a full array of specialty gunsmithing tools, most of a machine shop and a pool table into a small industrail building in east lansing. You could say we do things a little differently.

We work with our hands to make beautiful things out of wood and metal because we believe Gunsmithing is about heritage & craftsmanship.

The services we offer

General Gunsmithing

Includes things like cleaning, repair, part replacement, trigger jobs, adjusting pistol sights and increasing reliability. Rates start with a $35 bench fee, and may increase ($40/hr) for complex repairs, antique firearms or hard to find parts. We do not charge a fee to look at your firearm.

Gunsmithing and Machining

Includes small and large modifications to firearms, some customization and occasionally part replacement. Drilling and tapping a receiver and rechambering a barreled action require machining. Rates start at $60 and increase based on machining time and task complexity.

Custom Gun Building

Call or stop in and ask about pricing on custom gun builds. Alpha Dog specializes in high precision bolt action rifles and highly specialized modern sporting rifles designed for competition. If you're considering investing in a hand-carved family heirloom, or you would like to reserve the right to use your AR-15 as a sledge hammer without compromising its accuracy, call Alpha Dog Customs today.